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Flagship Making Waves on 'Bully' (Feature Film)

Fog Makes Everything Cooley!

We recently got the chance to spend almost a month with Lazy Racer Productions on the set of their new feature length film 'Bully' starring Danny Trejo, Ron Canada, and Tucker Albrizzi!

'Bully' is a story of a young man named Jimmy (Albrizzi) who is being harassed by the school bully Miles until one day an altercation between the boys is seen by once-upon-a-time boxing phenom 'Action' Jackson (Canada) who along with boxing coach Manny (Trejo) take Jimmy under their wings.

Our Amazing G&E Team!
Walk It In.

A majority of the film was filmed in the Toms River, NJ area (special shout out to the NJ Film Commission and the amazing residents of Toms River and the surrounding areas for being so welcoming!)

We had such a great time working with such a talented and motivated cast and crew! We're sure the finished product is going to reflect nothing less than the hours of work and immense degree of care that was given to the production of this film!

Not only were we able to capture all the production audio for this amazing project, but Flagship will also being all the post-production audio and sound design so keep your eyes and ears peeled for 'Bully' due for release in 2017!

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