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Creative & professional

Boutique Preamps & processors

Extensive Microphone List

T H E  V I B E

Control Room A
Mid-Side in the Booth
Lori Creek in the Little Room
Upright Bass in the Big Room
Guitar Tracking
Drum Tracking in the Big Room
Control Room Vibes
POV in the Drum Room
Over the Shoulder Bass Tracking
Patch Bay Vibes
Live-To-2-Track Session
The Drum Room

T H E  S O U N D

T H E  S p a c e

Studio A Facilities

Flagship Studios is a multi-use facility designed primarily for audio recording and production, but is also a great spot for rehearsals, video shoots, and more!

Control Room A

Our A room is wired to all the spaces in the building, so it's an ideal place to work on larger, more dense projects, or projects that require the use of multiple rooms at once.

Live Room/Soundstage

At the center of the building is our largest space (750 ft/2 with 18 ft ceilings). A great space for large recording sessions and rehearsals.

Drum/MultiPurpose Room

Our drum room is located behind a sliding glass door with great visibility of the live room. Perfect for drums and auxiliary percussion and acoustic guitars.

Vocal Booth

The vocal booth at Flagship was built by WhisperRoom, an industry leader in isolation booths, giving you crystal clear vocals every time!

Lounge/Media Room

Relax, watch TV or play video games!



- Fender American Deluxe Telecaster -

- Jackson M107 Juggernaut -

- Fender Jaguar HH -

- Ibanez RG8 -

- Sterling Majesty MAJ100 -

- Schecter Diamond Hellraiser/TSH1 -

- Reverend Double Agent -

- Washburn USA Custom Shop Bass -

- Fender Squier Jazz Bass 4/5 String -

- Ibanez SDGR Bass -


- DW Collectors Series Snare Drum-

- OCDP -

- Gretsch 5 Piece Renown Maple -

- Tama Starclassic Series -

- Pearl Chad Smith Signature Series Snare -

-Remo Piccolo Snare -

- PDP 805 Popcorn Snare -

- Pearl Piccolo Snare -

- Roland TD-20 V Series -

- 16" Paulo Mattioli Signature Djembe -


- Zildjian A/K Custom Series -

- Sabian HHX/AAX Series -

- Paiste (Various) -

- Meinl Byzance Series -


- Maschine - 

- M Audio Axiom Pro49 Keyboard -

- Lowery Century Organ -

Studio A Equipment

Flagship uses industry standard software, microphones, and hardware processors to capture any sound you need from vintage to modern!


Digital Recording/Conversion

- Mac Pro Towers w/ Pro Tools Ultimate 2019-

Antelope Golaith HD

Microphone Preamps

- Avalon 737sp - Aphex 207 - Golden Age PRE 73 Neve Clone -

- Black Lion Auteur 500 series  

Mastering Processors

- Neve Portico MBPII

- TC Electronics Finalizer

- Dangerous 2bus LT Analog Summing Amp  


- Focal Trio 6Be- Yamaha HS5 -

Yamaha HS8 Sub -

- Audio Technica M40,50, & 70s -

- Beyerdynamic DT880s -


- Telefunken Copperhead CU29

- Neumann U87AI

- Neumann U89

- Neumann TLM103

- Shure SM7B

-Shure SM81

Sennheiser MD421II

Electro-Voice RE20

Warm Audio WA-47

- Sterling Audio ST69 Pair -

- Sterling Audio Ocean Way ST6050

- Audio Technica 4050/CM5

- Earthworks TC25/SR25


- Audix D2 - Audix I5 - Audix D4 - Audix D6

Amps and Other Gear


- Marshall VS100 Head -

 - Bogner Valve 212 Combo Amp -

- Ibanez TSA15H Tubescreamer Head -

- Little Mark III Bass Head -

- Line 6 POD X Pro -

- Line 6 Amplifi Digital Amp -


- Celestion 1x12 Guitar Cabinet -

- Mark Bass STD 104 HR Bass Cabinet -

- Mark Bass Traveler 151P Bass Cabinet -

- Bose F Series -

Various Boutique Effects Pedals

Check out Studio B

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