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High Quality Equipment

T H E  V I B E

TLM 103
B Room Lights
High Quality Instruments and Preamps
Creeping On Studio B
Talkback Setup
Studio B Booth

T H E  S O U N D

T H E  S p a c e

Studio B Facilities

Flagship Studios is a multi-use facility designed primarily for audio recording and production, but is also a great spot for rehearsals, video shoots, and more!

Control Room B

Our B room is perfect for smaller production and vocal sessions. With a wide selection of microphones, quality preamps, and an easy to use space, Studio B is perfect for quick demos and voiceover work.

Vocal Booth B

Our Floor-to-Ceiling vocal booth in Studio B is perfect for quick vocal production sessions, offering great isolation with a low space footprint that fits perfectly

Lounge/Media Room

Relax, watch TV or play video games!

Studio B Equipment

Flagship uses industry standard software, microphones, and hardware processors to capture any sound you need from vintage to modern!

Digital Recording/Conversion

- Mac Pro Towers w/ Pro Tools LE 10/11 -

= Mackie Onyx Blackbird -

Outboard Gear

-Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Preamp-

- TC Electronic Finalizer Express -

- Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro -


- Sterling Audio MX8 -

- KRK Rokit 5 -

- Audio Technica M40,50 Headphones-

- Presonus HP60 Headphone Amp -

- Mackie Big Knob Passive -



- Neumann U87AI

- Neumann U89

- Neumann TLM103

- Shure SM7B

- Sterling Audio Ocean Way

- Audio Technica 4050

-AKG C414

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