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Flagship Cooks Out On An Aircraft Carrier (Television - PBS)

All Aboard CVN 73!

Flagship had the amazing opportunity to join celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich and acclaimed journalist Bob Woodruff aboard the USS George Washington to film the holiday special for her show 'Lidia Celebrates America'. It was truly an incredible experience witnessing the skillful and hardworking men and woman of the US Navy show us around this MASSIVE ship (which takes a crew of over 4000 sailors and pilots out to sea at a time!).

Lidia was definitely used to the comforts of a kitchen located on dry land, but she fit in with the culinary staff aboard CVN 73 in no time!

The episode centered on what it was like to experience Christmas aboard a Navy aircraft carrier, and Lidia did her best to bring some of the comforts of home to the men and women aboard the George Washington.

The episode will air sometime in November of this year on PBS and PBS Food!

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