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Flagship Embarks on 'Public Affairs' (Feature Film)

In June this year Flagship had the exciting and very rewarding experience to be on set with Zapruder Productions feature length film 'Public Affairs' starring Adrian Grenier, David James Elliot, and Thora Birch!

When a young campaign aid sleeps with the wife and daughter of his boss and presidential candidate, he quickly realizes that a life in politics might have been more than he bargained for.

Lights, Lights, Everywhere!

Giving The Tracks A Trim

The film was shot almost entirely in Norfolk VA and the surrounding areas, which is such an exciting advancement for our community both artistically and financially! Flagship is always trying to 'support local' as much as we can, and it's great when our work and our desire to enrich our community can coincide!

It was such a pleasure to work alongside local talent and crew to bring this compelling story to life! All while utilizing local companies such as Flagship and Michael Copon Studios, and local mainstays like the Chrysler Museum and Granby Street to make it happen! Personally, we hope this is just the beginning of larger productions choosing the Hampton Roads location as their destination for creation!

Be on the lookout for this exciting political drama sometime in 2017!

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