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Flagship Learns About Fresh, Sustainable Farming with WholeFoods and Sub-Zero (Corporate Docu-Series

Rappahanock River Oyster Company

It was a cold week in January to be out on the farm. Especially when one of those farms was an oyster farm in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay!

As part of a collaboration between Wolf/Sub-Zero and Whole Foods, Flagship got the chance to embark on a journey to discover the importance and overall positive impact of fresh, sustainable farming. Our shoot took us to two very cool places;

Rappahannock River Oyster Co.

The first was Rappahannock River Oyster Co. to talk to owners and cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton about the benefits of oyster farming and its impact on the environment and the local economy. These guys are saving the bay and serving up delicious oysters at the same time!

Interviewing Richard Morris at Polyface Farms

The second was Charlottesville Virginia to meet Richard Morris who lost more than 150 pounds simply by cutting processed foods out of his diet and going back to a simple, fresh, whole food diet. Richard grows crops and raises animals for Polyface Farms, a very highly regarded sustainable farming operation in the Shenandoah Valley.

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