A Team of dedicated and creative audio professionals

Flagship can take your project to the next level




We can work with you to produce the perfect sound for your project. Wether you need a fresh production from scratch or to add onto a foundation you already have, we've got you covered.


Record your music with producer/engineers that care about capturing the sound your song deserves.


We can take your raw tracks that you recorded at any studio or home and turn them into professional, polished recordings.


We can create a coherent final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems, platforms, and environments.


Send us your guitar or bass DI tracks and we'll send you back the tones you've been chasing


We can hook you up with  a fresh beat for your next hit today or  you can request a quote for a custom beat from our team of producers.


Recording Studio

Studio A

Full band recording, live drums, vocal recording, mixing and mastering

Studio B

Vocal recording, mixing and mastering, voice over

Sound Department

Location Sound

Location sound recording, boom operators, equipment rental

Audio-Post | Sound Design

Sound design and Foley. Editing, scoring and composition. Voice overs



Our Work


Flagship Beats

About Us

Flagship studios is a full spectrum audio facility with film location sound, film post sound, and music production and recording capabilities. With a team of friendly and professional Producers and Engineers, Flagship provides a creative space that is can be both collaborative and inspiring


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